Please allow me to introduce myself,

I'm a man of wealth and taste.

I eat T-Bone steaks,

I levitate barbellplates,

I'm sweeter than german chocolatecake.

I'm the man of the hour,

the man with the magic power,

too sweet to be sour.

I'm the reflection of perfection,

the number one selection.

I'm an adult entertainer,

a magic dictator,

an illusion creator.

I'm a specialist,

the number one on the magic list,

my enemies fear my enchanted fist.

I wear an audemars piguet on my massive wrist.

I'm the ladies pet,

that collegues regret,

where what you see is not what you get,

and what you don't see

is better yet,

because to puzzle you,

is the nature of the game.